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The Bridge Family Center Honors ROGO Distributors

The Bridge Family Center, a social service agency in West Hartford serves children, youth, and families in the Greater Hartford region, held its annual meeting on June 11 at the Pond House Café. At that meeting, Bridge executive director Margaret Hann presented Clem Sayers, general manager of Rogo Distributors, with the 8th annual Bridge Business Award.  A division of Allan S. Goodman, Inc., Rogo Distributors has been a successful beer and beverage distributor in the Hartford area since 1976.

Rogo has partnered with the Bridge Family Center for the past 14 years. "It's hard to talk about our connection with Clem and Rogo without talking about his wife, Ellen," said Margaret Hann. "Ellen joined our charity ball committee the first year—14 years ago—and the rest is history.

Bridge is extremely grateful for the ongoing support of Clem Sayers and Rogo Distributors.  For the past 14 years they have contributed to the organization in countless ways; whether it’s the Bridge’s annual gala or making it possible for the organization to participate in Celebrate West Hartford, an annual community event in our community.  As a result of Clem’s generosity and tireless services while difficult to quantify, the Bridge programs for children and families in the Greater Hartford region has received more than $35,000 from Rogo Distributors.

It was a great honor to present Clem Sayers and Rogo Distributors with the 8th Annual Business award.